"I haven't had a good night's sleep in years. We have jobs to do, and I won't let something as benign as insomnia get in the way."

― Zera Marcel

Zera Marcel Edit

Zera is the captain of the Alverian royal guard. He's elf, and a highly skilled mage. He's aloof but dependable, and very protective of those under his command. He seems to know Arianna somehow, and shares her last name.[1]

Appearance Edit

Dude Go To Bed

Zera needs to sleep

Zera is an elf with pointy ears and bright green eyes. He has pale skin and blonde hair that he wears in a ponytail. He's often seen with dark bags under his eyes from a lack of sleep.

Zera wears primarily green. He has a green cape, a green long sleeved shirt and and dark green pants. He has a green magi gem with several beads on it and silver earring in one ear.

Personality Edit

Zera is very dedicated to his work. He's somewhat unprofessional, telling others not to salute him and joking with his coworkers.

Zera is seen going behind the General's back to capture Arianna, and seems to be a rather good liar and devoted to getting Arianna. This reflects a lot about him; he's very ambitious.

Background Edit

Zera is the captain of the Alverian royal guard. He's a mage that uses a green gem to do his magic.

Zera seems to have connection with Arianna, especially when she was a child. It is unclear how they know each other, but it seems they may be related as they have the same last name. Zera has lost much sleep over knowing that Arianna is alive.

Zera is currently searching for Arianna and Vector.

Relationships Edit

Arianna Edit

It is unclear how Zera and Arianna are related, but they have the same last name, and it seems that Zera knew Arianna around fifteen years ago. Zera has stated that she and Arianna were once very close. Zera is currently searching for Arianna.

Liam Edit

Liam seems to really look up to Zera and jokes around with him. Zera doesn't seem to keep a very professional relationship with him, and often jokes with him.

General Brisse Edit

Brisse and Zera seem to have a tense relationship. As Zera's superior, Brisse has authority over him. Zera is submissive but follows Brisse's orders.

The Queen Edit

Zera is somewhat resentful of the queen. The queen often sends Zera on missions that he is not qualified for.

Trivia Edit

  • Zera is under the LGBT+ umbrella

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