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"Y'all just need a ride through the pass, right? I think I can make some room for ya." ― Unnamed Traveler

Unnamed Traveler[]

This character is an unnamed traveler that is carrying Arianna, Vector and Frankie through a desert pass.


The unnamed traveler has pale skin and blond hair. His skin is covered in scars and he has a swollen, black eye. He is wearing several bandages on his arms and face. He is wearing a beige shirt and a grey pants. He carries a machete on his back.


The unnamed traveler seems to be gruff and angry. He was quick to pull out his machete on Frankie when Frankie excitedly met him in the pass. While he offers the main trio a ride, he still seems hostile and skeptical, especially of Arianna. The traveler made several racist remarks towards elves.


The traveler makes trips to the pass to get herbs to sell as medicine at his pharmacy in Silverleaf. He says it's dangerous, especially in the past because of the elves that used to live there.

When brought up, he said that he is interested in learning to do magic, but could not pass the test needed to get a magi gem.

The traveler volunteered to carry the main trio through the dangerous desert pass after seeing Arianna's magi gem.

The traveler's cart was overturned by elves. He was beaten up.