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"What kind of mother am I if I can't even keep my boy safe?!" ― Marion Jacobs

Marion Jacobs[]

Marion Jacobs is the owner of Petalgrove Books and Vector’s guardian.[1]


Marion has gray eyes, light skin, and shoulder-length light brown hair. Her outfit consists of a long-sleeved dull blue shirt and a long light gray skirt with black shoes. She wears large oval-shaped glasses, which become cracked after Arianna attacks her.


Marion seems to be fiercely protective of her adopted son, Vector, going as far as refusing to let him go outdoors and making sure no one knows about him. As cruel as this sounds, she really has Vector's best interests at heart.


Marion lost her husband to the plague and at some point became Vector's guardian and mother figure.

Marion was first introduced walking to her bookstore. People gossiped about her, spreading rumors that she has a yellow-eyed demon in her house. This is not true however, she has a yellow-eyed angel (Vector) in her house.

She gets mad a Vector when he tells her that he was speaking to Arianna, and swiftly ushers Arianna out the door.

Later, when Arianna comes to kidnap Vector, Marion tries to protect her son. Ultimately, Marion gets knocked out by one of Arianna's sleeping spells and hits her head.

Marion is later seen in a temple with her priest friend, Marshall. She's absolutely devastated about the loss of her son, and is in tears worrying about him.



Marion is very protective of Vector, and Vector loves her as a mother figure. Marion is very upset that Arianna took Vector from her, and Vector is upset that Marion got hurt. Marion is used to Vector's eyes by now, but has let herself slip once or twice


Marshall and Marion seem to be very close. Marshall is probably Marion's most trusted friend.