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Marina is a gentle and caring inhabitant of a nearly-deserted island. She loves gardening and cooking.[1] She lives with Rori and takes on the caretaker role, mostly making sure Rori stays out of trouble.


Marina has medium skin and dark, fluffy hair. She has blue eyes. She is first seen wearing a white shirt tucked into a light blue shirt. In most of her appearances she is seen smiling.


Marina was described in her character bio as "gentle and caring". She is kind to to Vector, and is willing to help him, no questions asked.

Marina seems to be very calm and comforting, to the point of being able to calm down the notoriously jumpy Vector.


There is little known about the background of Marina. She lives on an nearly deserted island called Cataran near the sea. She seems to be stranded. She has not been seen to have any family as of yet, though she lives with Rori, who is something of a sister to her.

She is able to heal wounds[2] with what seems to be magic. Oddly enough she does not appear to have a magi gem. All mages/magic users with an exception of Marina and Vector require magi gems to use magic. It has not been expounded upon on how she was able to heal Vector.



Marina is on of the few characters who is not afraid of Vector when looking into his eyes. She is perfectly willing to help him when she finds him washed up on her island.


Marina and Rori seem to live together. Marina takes on a maternal role, and makes sure that Rori stays out of trouble. Marina takes on the cooking role as she cooks the food.


Arianna and Marina have not known each other for long but Marina is part of the group consisting of Ariana, Vector and Frankie.


  • Marina's name means "from the sea"[3]
    • This is probably intentional, as she lives near the sea
  • Marina and Frankie are the only cast members to not have a last name.
  • Marina owns a boat
  • Marina is pansexual
  • One of the Patreon rewards was Marina as the tarot card The Lovers