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"It was terrifying! There was something about him, I can't really describe it...just looking at him made me start shaking." ― Liam Avery, about Vector

Liam Avery[]

Liam Avery is Zera’s personal assistant and a member of the Alverian Royal Guard. He's small in stature but very loyal to his allies.[1] He is confirmed to be transgender also.


Liam has pale blue eyes, light skin, and round brown hair that appears purple in some lighting. He has a round face and a small, round, upturned nose. He is also very short. His outfit consists of a long-sleeved lavender shirt with a dark purple collar, dark purple pants, and gray shoes.


Liam is a goofy teenage boy. However he is seen taking authority over situations, such as when Arianna tried to interfere with the guards and Vector. He seemed firm but calm. Not much is known about him as of right now.


Liam works for Zera for extra money as the author, Star, says. His main deal as of right now is to get in trouble with the "other nerds" (Zera's subordinates).