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"Her majesty says he is to pay for his crimes, and her will is absolute. Am I clear?" ― General Brisse

General Brisse[]

General Brisse is the leader of the Alverian royal guard and the queen’s right hand. He's a powerful magic user who takes his position very seriously.[1]


Brisse is stoic and takes his job (and himself) very seriously. He doesn't think very highly of going off of orders. He's demanding and blunt. He seems to be intimidating, as his presence made Zera quite antsy. He is also shown to have a somewhat sarcastic side.


Not much is known about Brisse other than that he's the the leader of the Alverian guard.

He has a red gem that he uses for magic.

He seems to know at least something about Zera and Arianna's relationship. He seemed to try and get Zera to fess up about something relating to the posters printed of Arianna. He proceeded to emphasize Zera and Arianna's last name Marcel, as if he knew of their relationship.



Brisse and Zera seem to have a tense relationship. As Zera's superior, Brisse has authority over him. Zera is submissive but follows Brisse's orders.

The Queen[]

Brisse works for the queen. Brisse seems to to be incredibly loyal too her, and proud of that position.


  • Brisse is the oldest of the main and supporting cast
  • Brisse is the the tallest of the main and supporting cast