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"What kind of person invites themself on a cross-country road trip with a couple of strangers?" ― Arianna Marcel, about Frankie


Frankie is an upbeat cartographer with an excellent sense of direction. He is energetic and quick to make friends. He hates water since it causes him to see people as a threat and doesn´t want to hurt his friends.



Frankie reveals himself as a machine.

Frankie has tan skin with dark brown hair that covers his eyes. He has one cool-grey eye. He normally wears a eye-patch and bandages on his face and neck.

Frankie is most often seen wearing a orange scarf, black leather gloves and a tan, button up trench coat. He wears a baggy, white shirt underneath.

When Frankie reveals that he is a machine, he takes off all of his layers and bandages to reveal that he is entirely made out of metal, though his face appears to be that of a human if hidden correctly. While revealing this it is notable to mention that he only has one ear.


Frankie is very upbeat and energetic. He is often skipping and is very enthusiastic about everything around him. Frankie loves nature and the animals in it, sometimes even overlooking the dangers. With his passion for the outdoors, comes his navigating skills, which of course, he's enthusiastic about. He has an excellent memory and sense of direction.


Frankie is a machine from the country of Feron. It is unknown what his intended purpose was, but he is a prototype. At some point after initial activation, there was an incident that led to a hole being blown into the side of his head, and him losing an eye along with the destruction of the laboratory he was built in. Frankie was able to patch himself up with the help of Daniel, an old friend of his, and pose as fully human.

When Frankie is exposed to water he goes into a defense mode, losing all ability to function outside of attacking anything perceived as a threat.

Frankie pretends to be human to appear less threatening. He goes as far as to pretend to sleep to come off as less creepy.

Frankie was first introduced at The Highlands Inn where he is brought by the innkeeper, Donovan to show Vector and Arianna where they are. After eavesdropping on the two arguing about finding a way to get Vector back home, he volunteers. He insists on taking them, and they begrudgingly allow him to guide them.

The three eventually come across the creek. Frankie's bright demeanor changes. He's suddenly abrasive, telling them that he will not cross the creek. In a fit of rage, Arianna pushes Frankie into the creek and he panics, shouting at Vector and Arianna to run. Frankie loses control of himself and tries to attack Arianna and Vector. Vector figures out that the water was affecting him, and Arianna uses magic to dry him off. After this, Frankie reveals that he is a machine, much to the others' shock.



Frankie is not afraid of Vector and is just ready to be friends. Vector seems to be forgiving of almost being killed by him, and defends him against Arianna.


At first, Frankie and Arianna did not get along at all. In the beginning Arianna was okay, but she's often confused by Frankie's sunny personality. After Frankie's accidentally attacked Arianna, she considered him a liar for not telling her that he's a robot. Frankie is fairly submissive to her verbal abuse.

Frankie has gradually gotten closer to Arianna, but often has to calm her down. He has been seen to chastise her more than once.


While these two have not known each other for that long they seem to be on decent terms. While Rori is helping them return to Ari Frankie doesn´t want to spill Vector's powers. Frankie disapproves of Rori's thievery and makes it clear that he believes what she's doing is wrong.


  • Frankie is asexual.
  • He is hinted to not be able to sing very well.[1]
  • He is named after Franky from One Piece.
  • He loves dogs.
  • Frankie has always wanted to eat a pancake.
  • Frankie, along with Marina are the only cast members to not have a last name.
  • Frankie is claustrophobic.
  • Frankie fakes sleeping to seem less creepy
  • One of the patreon rewards was Frankie as the tarot card The Sun