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"I bet you're starving! Let's find you a table!" ― Elise


Elise is the wife of Donovan, the innkeeper of The Highlands Inn.


Elise has light skin and brown eyes. She has light brown hair which she wears in a braid over her shoulder. She wears gold hoop earrings and a white apron over a green dress. She has a small olive green gem on a necklace, though it is unclear whether or not it is a magi gem.


She seems to be a cheerful, friendly, and hospitable woman who enthusiastically greets Arianna in the morning while she is staying in the inn, offering her breakfast and helping her and Vector to find a table.


Although their initial meeting is not shown, she is already acquainted with Arianna when Elise makes her first appearance, greeting Arianna and offering her and Vector breakfast. However, when she first comes face-to-face with Vector, she is affected by his powers, becoming frightened and visibly trembling. After Vector breaks eye contact, she quickly recovers her cheerful demeanor. When Arianna gives her a large sum of money in exchange for their breakfast order, she is shocked, then elated, and runs off to prepare their breakfast.



Donovan is her husband, and they run The Highlands Inn together. Although they are not shown interacting in the comic, it can be inferred that they have a good relationship, as she affectionately refers to him as "Donny."


They interact only briefly when Arianna visits the inn, but seem to have a positive, friendly relationship.


Elise is affected by Vector's powers, which make her afraid of him, though she doesn't seem to remember this after he looks away. Because of this, Vector hides behind Arianna and avoids looking at Elise.


  • Elise's name is never mentioned within the comic, but was revealed by Star in a Discord chat.

    Star's message confirming Elise's name, from 3/24/18.