Alveria Edit

Alveria is the country in which the main characters live. It is on the continent of Sephia. Its capital is Alverane. Alveria seems to be a melting pot of cultures; there's many magic users, but there's also machines.

Government and Religion Edit

Government Edit

Alveria is a monarchy ruled by a an unnamed absolute ruler. There is not much known about the queen but she seems to be harsh. She probably lives in the capital. She's probably protected by The Alverian Royal Guard.

Religion Edit

It is unknown how many worship the goddess, but there's at least enough people that do to warrant multiple churches and preachers. As a magic using country, many people probably worship her because she's credited to giving the people magic.

History Edit

All of the main characters, excluding Frankie, live in Alveria. The main characters are currently trying to get back to Alverane so Vector can go home. Alverane houses the castle where The Alverian Royal Guard work.